FAQ’s & Important Dates


1. How much money should our organization request?

Historically, TCF grants have been issued in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $200,000; the amounts vary from year to year depending on the amount raised by TCF fundraiser and number of charities chosen for disbursement. For the 2018 grant cycle, it is advisable that applicants apply for programs requiring a minimum of $25,000. TCF has provided funding in the past to organizations for line-item budget items even when the TCF has decided not to approve the entire amount requested. Therefore, it is important that applicants submit both general organizational line-item budgets as well as the line-item budget for the specific program for which they apply to allow for flexibility in the TCF decision-making process.

2. How many copies of the completed application should our organization send?

Five (5) typed hard copies with required supporting materials.

3. May our organization retype the application format or attach our answers to the form application?

No. Each question must be answered in the space provided in the application. “See attached” is not an acceptable response, and applications answering in this format will not be considered. If you encounter difficulties with the application file, please e-mail grants@trendscharitablefund.org for further assistance.

4. May our organization include extraneous printed materials in the application, such as annual reports, marketing brochures, data, information, videos, audios, photos or other objects beyond what is required?

No. Only the required materials and information will be accepted. Applications that include additional supportive information will not be considered.

5. May our organization make an oral presentation to the TCF Board?

TCF does not permit verbal or written communications between TCF Board Members and applicants about pending applications. If your organization is chosen as a potential finalist, the TCF Board, at its discretion, may initiate requests for brief oral presentations to the TCF Board.

6. Do applications need to reach the TCF grant application mailing address by Thursday, August 31, 2017?

No. Applications must be postmarked on or before August 31, 2017. Therefore, it is expected that the application will not be received in the mail by TCF for a day or two later.

7. Does our organization need to fill out Section 5 Part A, B, and E Financial Summaries, if we have included a financial statement and line item reports?


8. May our organization e-mail to make sure our applications have arrived?

Please allow three working days to pass after mailing your organization’s applications and to allow time for arrival. Your primary contact for the program may then e-mail grants@trendscharitablefund.org and inquire if the applications have arrived. The TCF response will be your receipt that the applications have been received by the TCF Board.

9. When are funding decisions made?

Application reviews will be made from in November. Grant recipients will be announced at the end of November.

10. If funded, when will our organization receive the funds?

Funds will be disbursed in two (2) equal installments. The first installment will be issued the January following the completion of the granting process. The second installment will be made in June. The second installment is contingent upon TCF receipt and approval of a written updated and detailed program action plan and explanation of the use of the funds as it relates to the original grant application.


* Application Available: June 5, 2017

* Application Deadline: August 31, 2017

* Applications Reviewed by Board: October-November 2017

* Grant Recipients Announced: November 2017

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