2012 Charities

Family Promise of Greater Phoenix has been providing food, emergency shelter, counseling, support services, love and compassion for women, children and families for the past 11 years. Their mission is to reduce family homelessness in Greater Phoenix by providing critical shelter, case management assistance and life-skills training so families can gain self-sufficiency. TCF is funding thier Family Promise Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing Program, which provides nutritious meals, safe housing, showering facilities, clothing, counseling and life skills training for families before they drop into a cycle of endless shelters, emotional and physicial distress, poor school attendance, unemployment, family instability and foster care.
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Florence Crittenton's mission is to give every girl whose life they touch safety, hope and opportunity. For more than 115 years they have enhanced the quality of life for at-risk girls in Phoenix. Programs and services include: Therapeutic Group Home, Transitional Living, WINGS, Community Based Services, Girls Ranch, Crittenton Youth Academy and Girls for Change. TCF is funding their Transitional Living/Self-Sufficiency Program which will help to prevent at-risk girls, ages 17 1/2 to 21, from becoing homeless and starting a downward spiral of poverty. The TCF grant helps to provide basic essentials such as a safe place to live, nutritious meals, beds, clothing and counseling. In addition, the program provides intensive case management, financial, employment and educational assistance to ensure they have the needed skills to provide an independent life for themselves and their children.
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Greater Phoenix Youth at Risk has worked with at-risk young people since 1989, developing experience and expertise in mentoring programs for those who would normally fall through the cracks. All programs serve low-income, primarily ethnic minority children and yourth. TCF is funding PALS (Positive Adult Leaders in Society) Mentoring Program which offers one-on-one mentoring for children ages 5 - 15 living with their families in long-term homeless shelters. Mentors encourage children to do well in school and introduce them to life experiences their families cannot provide for economic reasons. Mentors commit to at least one year to their match, meeting with them weekly. This is the only mentoring program in the Valley that will accept a homeless child.
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Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS serves 70 percent of those Arizonans (men, women, children, youth, seniors, immigrants and the homeless) who are at-risk for or are impacted by HIV/AIDS. Their vision is to lead the fight against HIV/AIDS and their missiion is to reduce infection, improve the quality of life for those impacted by the disease and to contribute to worldwide research. TCF is funding their Center for Women's Health, Domestic Violence and HIV Prevention A New Collaboration for Women's Health which addresses the correlation between domestic violence and HIV. The program will include additional outreach to domestic violence shelters, HIV counseling and testing, client education, empowerment to improve negotiating skills, support for HIV women, including health and wellness education and coordinated programming through Maricopa County's electronic referral network for all HIV-positive women in Maricopa County.
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The Neighborhood Christian Clinic's mission is to provide healthcare to the uninsured, underserved working poor in Maricopa County. The facility is located in central Phoenix and is directed by physicians, leaders and community members. TNCC provides quality primary, acute and special healthcare with an emphasis on women, children and the elderly. TCF is funding TNCC Medical Program Expansion through the Nurse Practitioner Program which allows the Clinic to facilitate approximately an additional 1,500 patients annually with the preponderance of these visits being utilized by women, children and the elderly. The program includes a "well woman" clinic one day each week.
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