2011 Charities


Crisis Nursery's Community Shelter and Day Respite programs' goal is to stablize families in crisis. Children living in families with multiple problems - lack of financial resources, mental illness, single parents, homelessness or unstable housing, domestic violence, lack of education, incarceration - are at high risk for abuse and neglect, especially when parents are faced with difficult, stressful situations. Having the option to voluntarily place their children in a safe and nurturing environment, while crises are resolved empowers parents to make positive decisions for their families, even when times are toughest.
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Jewish Family & Children's Services provides specialized programs in behavioral health, geriatrics, prevention, and family violence, without regard to age, gender, faith, ethnicity or income. Shelter Without Walls was created in 1998 to address the unmet needs of survivors of domestic violence (female or male) and their children, who are residing outside of a shelter setting and are struggling to attain and/or maintain safety and independence. The program benefits survivors by ensuring the support, safety planning, legal advocacy, and linkage to resources necessary to attain/maintain safety and independence.
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Teach for America's mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting our nation's most promising future leaders in their efforts. The Sponsor a Teacher program is driven by Teach for America's mission to eliminate educational inequity by recruiting talented and diverse individuals who commit two years to teach in low-income schools and become lifelong leaders in pursuit of educational excellence and equity, changing the life prospects for these students and investing in the stability and success of Arizona's families and communities.
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The Wellcare Foundation's mission is to provide access to free integrated primary healthcare for single working mothers and their children who do not qualify for state assistance and cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket costs for healthcare needs. The Wellcare Foundation provides services in areas such as family practice, gynecology, pediatrics, nutrition, counseling, dentistry and many other specialties. The Wellcare Foundation's plan of care is a comprehensive approach to healing the whole person, providing much-needed physical, mental and emotional healthcare services.
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