Thank You

We are so thankful for the generous support and community involvement of our patrons. The countless hours and dollars contributed to civic and charitable causes in our community through the Trends Charitable Fund (TCF) has enabled many charitable organizations throughout the valley to not just survive - but thrive.

Your generous support of TCF over the last 30 years has provided grants for more than $5 million dollars to programs supporting women, children and their families in need in Maricopa County. Each dollar is carefully granted to provide the most significant benefit to those in need, and TCF looks forward to years ahead as we continue the support of these very important programs.



As I look back on the past 31 years, I would like to thank the community for its support. The Trends Charitable Fund (TCF) would not exist without the generous giving and philanthropy of our Patrons, fine Trendsetters (Fashionalities) and Fabulous Phoenicians. Your charitable contributions have served the Valley's charitable organizations well.

Thank you again. We would not exist without you!

Warmest regards,

Bill Dougherty
Publisher, Trends Magazine